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Multiple funds, startups, mining and security all them together for a reason, give you the best Return On Investment we can.

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Meet Inverte

An investment platform available for everyone in the world.

Feature 01

Trading Fund

Our more volatile and profitable fund. We trade from cryptocurrency to forex and futures.

Feature 02

Mining Pool

A private cryptocurrency mining pool. We mine Bitcoin, Dash and other mayor POW cryptocurrencies

Feature 03

Real State Fund

Our most secure fund. This fund is still not online for users

Feature 04

Startup Fund

As a member of the Bitnation Ecosystem, all investors at Inverte will receive an income from all the startups of it.

Best ROI in market

With an annual target of 60% net returns, Inverte is one of the highest wealth generators on the market

Each investment have a category, depending on your investment capacity you may fill on Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum category

Powerfull network system

Create a team and share our profits, 10% for direct profits and 2% for all the plan available levels profit!

This can make posible 1%, 5% or even more daily returns reducing considerably the lifetime of your investment

2 Backup funds

1st Backup fund have a goal to be 1:1 with active investment, this fund is filled in time with results

2nd Backup fund have the same goal, 1:1 with active investment but this one is filled by the insurance activity

Minimum Investments

  • Trading fund
  • Stratup fund
  • Backup fund
  • Live farm data
  • Secure equipment
  • ASIC mining
  • We cover the manteinment


  • How many time will my investment last?

    All investments have the same goal, 100% ROI, the time depends on our daily returns for your category. If you are an active network user, the 100% ROI may be reached faster than expected.

  • May being an active network user increase my losses too?

    No, just the profits are shared in the network. This means if the Gold category gets a 0.67% day and you have gold referals you may receive 0.067% of each one but if the same category have a -0.3% day your balance may not be affected.

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